A man who dares to waste one hour of time, has not discovered the value of life. 
Charles Dickens 

My name's Sasha, and I have wasted a lot of time, energy and money in my thirty-two years thus far.

I wasted time and energy being a yes person, denying and disliking my true self.

I amassed credit card debt that I've allowed to follow me around like an anchor, which, until I ditch it, continues to dictate how I spend my time and money, rather than me deciding that.

But for a while now, I've been using those same resources that I've misused, harnessing them to help me to live a slower and simpler, yet fuller and freer life.

I've incorporated elements of slow and simple living to create a life that feels right for me. I focus on less, but do more. I distance myself from the digital world when I feel it is enveloping me in negative comparison.

And it feels absolutely wonderful. I've never been so at peace.

I get that the idea of living your best life can seem like it's only for other people, because whether it's You Tube, Twitter or Instagram, we're all in danger of presenting ourselves as glossy adverts rather than participants in our own lives. It feels as though if we're not pea-cocking about, freelancing, owning our own businesses, travelling with reckless abandon, hair always on fleek, that we're doing life wrong.

But let me tell you, your best life is found in the everyday, the quiet things, the magic in the mundane.

And I say this, as a woman in her thirties navigating family and societal expectations.

As a person who doesn't live in a white-walled museum of a home, but a lived-in space with a man friend that leaves things wherever he finishes using them, rather than in their rightful home.

As someone living in the frenetic city of London. A full time office manager, who blogs on the side purely for the joy of creating and telling my honest story.

This blog is about learning how to, and celebrating a life spent well. 
I believe this is encompassed in identifying your values and spending your resources - your time, money and energy - doing the things that best serve those values, yourself and those you do life with.

If we just slow down enough, focus only on what's important and of value in our lives, and celebrate the everyday, I think we're all only a few tweaks away from unearthing the fact that we're already living our best lives.

Slow living isn't a retreat to the doldrums. It's for those that fiercely appreciate there is no time in life to waste. And only intend on spending it doing the good shit.

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