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My name's Sasha, and I'm on a mission. 

I feel the best I've ever felt in terms of being ok with who I am: that person being a 31-year-old neat freak who owns more mugs than I have hands or friends. I'm a former shopaholic and high heel-wearer, with an enthusiastic appetite for cheesecake. I'm a massive planner (#SpreadsheetsForLife), and office manager living in London with my boyfriend.

I love me as a whole, but there are specific areas of my life hat I swing nightmarishly between loving and admonishing, and I'm tired of there not being a healthy balance. Those areas are money and my body. 

So this blog is helping me to face my fears, perform a financial u-turn and learn how to truly, truly love myself. 

I love to write, eat and stay curious about life. The Life Notes is a digital time capsule of a thirty-something, just about millennial, trying to stay sane in a crazy world.

Contact me: 
Twitter: @thelifenotes_
Instagram: TheLifeNotes_
Email: sasha.thelifenotes@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheLifeNotesBlog