#285 // Small things. Big heart.

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I'm a millenial (just about), and I don't have a side hustle.

I don't want to be self-employed. In fact, shock horror, I quite like my nine to five. Quite a lot actually.

I think we've got this idea that if we aren't living a big life, we aren't living at all. If we aren't working for ourselves from home, coffee shop or idyllic island with a portfolio career with at least seven backslashes, that we're doing life wrong.

And that thought used to make me feel small, shit and inadequate.

It's great if that works for you. But it's fine if it doesn't. Take the saturation down from the grass of others that we constantly view as greener. No matter which path you choose, they all come with their challenges.

It's okay not to be a pioneer. And not to dream big. These aren't the only ways to show up, stand up and be counted.
For life and knowing ourselves are big enough challenges to conquer.

It's okay to be the consumer instead of the creator. You're contributing to success, and helping build the self-belief of someone who decided to give something a go.

Champions need to be championed

Buy the ticket, re-tweet the thing, give the constructive feedback. Show support with your money, give your time.

Because small things require just as much heart as the perceived big leaps of faith. The small things still require you to show up. And enough people doing small things, make big impactful waves.

And so this is how I will live a big life: by doing small things. With big heart.

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