#280 // Nourished

I went onto to have a look at my most liked insta pics this year, and I was so pleased with what I saw. Above all, it just screamed: NOURISHED.

When I came into this year, I had a word in mind that would set the tone of how I conducted myself. That word was enough. I wrote about it, in a rather impassioned post here.

When I look at these photos, it tells me that I achieved what I set out to do. I nourished my mind and my body with good words. I honoured my body by helping it move, so in return it functioned to the best of its ability, and helped me mentally as well as physically. Knowing how much I love and adore food, this next one wasn't a hard one, but I nourished my body with food and drink that brings joy. I ate intuitively and let myself have the mini eggs when I wanted the bloody mini eggs, but I also managed to find balance, treating myself, but also knowing when I was trying to self-medicate with chocolate and eat my feelings.

Treat yo'self well. Take yourself on a solo coffee date and enjoy every sip. Enjoy the beauty of the world around you. Whether you're looking up at the Eiffel tower, or simply your breakfast or walk to work, there is beauty everywhere.

And finally, love yourself. Love all that you are, all that you are working to be, and everything that you aren't, because you, with all of your foibles and flaws are so fantastically enough and worthy of it.

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