#276 // Life's too short for bad underwear: A Life Affirming Moment

So you know what it's like.

You get back from holiday and the mound of laundry that was there before you left grows to twice the size with sandy, sun tan lotion-adorned clothes and bikinis added to the pile.

You're low on everything. Especially the essentials.

So when I got back from Crete a few weeks ago, I had to put on the emergency bra.

Everyone has that one bra, those couple of knickers and a few hole-y odd socks that are long past their expiration date, but always come to the rescue when times get tough, or should I say, when a lady gets lazy with putting on the washing machine.

Except they don't.

I remember the last time that I had on that bloody bra. I was in Canary Wharf shopping mall for some reason, desperately looking for a toilet. They weren't where I remembered them to be, and I was all a kerfuffle, bladder full and hot, with this bloody underwire digging into my under carriage.

The same happened at the gym a little while ago. I got there, which is a win in itself sometimes, and I was ready for the endorphins to come at me. Except what came at me was a barrage of negative thoughts about my body, as I could feel the tight elastic making marks on the top of my belly.

"What's the point of me being here? I came here to feel good and make change, but all I'm aware of is my stomach and my back fat... I'm so far from where I want to be... this bra used to fit, what a waste of time... where's the chocolate?" You know, thoughts to that effect. It was complete self-sabotage of time that should have helped me to feel proud of what my body can do.

The minute I finished the workout, I threw the sports bra in the bin, because to quote an old adage form the days of yore, when it comes to external factors that make me feel shit about myself that I can change: "ain't nobody got time fo' that."

If that base layer ain't right, it can literally spoil my whole day, making me feel fat, frumpy, lumpy and uncomfortable. And when your brain is super quick to latch onto negative thoughts, trust me, you don't need any prompts.

How am I meant to live my best life in my worst underwear?

It may be a small and seemingly silly thing, but look at the massive effect such a small thing can have? But it just made me think about the things we keep in our lives that don't do us any favours and just take up space and time and energy.

As we've established, life is too short for keeping the underwear that makes you feel like shit, but I thought I'd end on a further list of time-wasting nonsense it's also too short for:
  • Eating the diet versions of foods,
  • Staying in the crap job,
  • Not going with your gut,
  • Talking down to yourself,
  • Forcing yourself to finish the book that is of no interest to you. Just stop.
  • Similarly, watching a TV series just because everyone else is. If you have to watch the first episode three times, just give up (looking at you, Game of Thrones).
  • Keeping the face mask you only bought because of Instagram and only used twice; or that jumper you haven't worn in three years etc. because ideas around value tell you that you need to finish/keep it because you spent money on it. Lol at the way we let those items keep the shelves warm as some sort of exercise of legitimacy. 
Take the L, which is actually a win, given you're protecting your time, space and money and sanity with a lot of it, and get rid, sell or pass on if possible, and in my case, buy the new pants and move on to happier times. 

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