#274 // You are not the person because you own the thing

I was stood at the stove making a green Thai curry when these words came to my mind:

You are not the person because you own the thing.

I was eyeing up the pile of Ben's magazines steadily growing up the living room wall.

I'm not quite sure if he wishes or genuinely thinks he has an extra three hours in the day, given the way he stockpiles magazines. He gets major publishing fomo, and I think is keeping a large portion of the industry alive single-handedly. Quite literally, no printed page can leave this house until he has 'gone through it.' We still have Time Out freesheets from the Summer...

It got me thinking: When I wanted to lose weight, I bought all the workout gear, and more than my share of those DVDs from the American infomercials on at five in the morning. When I wanted to be an avid reader, I bought all the books. 

Ben wants to be the guy that voraciously devours content, he likes the idea of thinking of himself like that, but he simply doesn't prioritise the action.

But buying the things doesn't make you the person, and I'd be the first to admit that I had a tendency to buy, prepare, research and generally look externally before doing what I really needed to do, which was make an internal behaviour change.

I've made a bit of a rule for myself now that whenever I get these ideas in my head about things I want to do, try, be (currently eyeing up Latin and ballroom dance classes thanks to Strictly), I have to stick to doing the thing, and prove it's more than a fleeting interest before I part with cash.

So in short: be (or become) the person, before you buy the thing.

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