#273 // Don't mention it. No, really.

This is a money lesson I've had to learn the hard way.

My dad always told me, 'let your yes be yes, and your no be no.' Be a woman of your word, no flip-flopping. Stand firm. 

So as such, I hate to let people down when we've made plans. 

But while I'm still a little lamb trying to get her money right, I'm having to learn to keep quiet for the sake of my bank balance and my goals. 

I often want to go out for nice brunches, cinema trips, etc. but at the moment, superfluous and spontaneous meals and nights out need to be kept to a minimum. They always end up costing more than they're meant to, when the budget wasn't really there in the first place.

I have an entire stack of places I want to visit stored in my Instagram collections, but I'm getting into the habit of only mentioning something when I have the funds and free time to execute it.

I want to go out and have fun, not fret about my bank balance. So if more no's make my yeses experiences that I can fully enjoy, I'll take that.

And in the mean time, chez Sasha is on the way. The balcony set I've had my eye on is back in stock and will be on it's way shortly! Staying in will never have been so chic once I'm done with that little outdoor spot. I've already got friends lining themselves up to come over for brunch! Watch this space.

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