#271 // Inspiration is spelt with a 'C'

Last Saturday night was a tough evening.

I descended into a comparathon and a mood with a vice-like grip. Essentially I had to call it an early night after journalling, getting off social media for the evening and having a little cry.

I woke up the next morning full of vigour again though. An outlet and a good night's kip will do that for you.

But I decided that rather than run with the narrative that everyone was doing better than I was and to sit in the corner moaning about everything that I felt was wrong with my life, that I'd use the to be spurred into action. You see, when it comes down to it, comparison just reveals a deep, deep desire for something. It's just inspiration that took a wrong turn down a dark lane.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Blogs, the #MondayMotivation hashtag, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few, of the massive digital smorgasbord of places we can go for it.

But it's exactly because it's everywhere that inspiration can seem like an over-used and under-valued term.
True inspiration is in the action
It's all well and good reading a feelgood quote everyday. I get that it's good for the ego, to feel like we're doing something, anything. Even if that's just getting in the right mindset. But it's largely meaningless if it doesn't spur you into doing something. True inspiration is in the action: the work, the toil, the challenge.

So, that's why I spell inspiration with a 'c'.

This post is dedicated to Alicia, Vee and Annette. In the last few weeks they have each provided me with more inspiration than they know.

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