#264 // Things from July

Hiii... I know, it's been a while. There'll be more on that back story, but for now, let's have a catch up, shall we? 


In July, I freed up my instagram. It was a lovely challenge to take part in, to connect with real people again, and see their interpretations of each of the prompts. But to be honest, I'd fallen out of love with a lot of social media in July.

Work has been really heavy, and I actually find I can't face looking at a screen that much outside of work hours. My eyes are really dry, I work through lunch quite a bit, and instead of being the fun respite from work, it felt like work. So I just stopped. I needed to stop taking myself and the likes so seriously, because really... they're just images for goodness sake. And images that are there but for a fleeting moment (algorithm permitting).

And now I've given my ego and my perspective a much needed shake, and I'm enjoying the world simply because it's beautiful again, I can slowly feel the creative juices starting to flow again. 

This post by Biana Bass has also encouraged me to get typing again. It's just behind the scenes, nothing has gone live yet, but it's great to just be doing it again. I really enjoy making this little time capsule of life. It's cathartic, honest, reflective and fun and I need to repeatedly remind myself to keep it that way.

Life Changing Magic Strikes Again

It's been about eighteen months since I did my first declutter. I went fully Marie Kondo and got everything out of the cupboard, only putting back the things I loved, not just wanted to keep in an attempt to claw back some sense of value by promising to actually wear said things. This post on Be More with Less, just continues to release me from an unnecessary and illusive love affair with stuff.

Don't wanna be all by myself

*waves imaginary candle and sings Celine Dion* There were a few Friday evenings where I found myself home alone. And I hated it. All sorts of trash thoughts were free to run ragged in my mind, with no one there to distract or interject. I don't mine being alone, heck, I'm an only child, but July was where I pinpointed that Friday evenings are where I feel most lonely.

Everyone's all "Friyay!", but when your partner is out, you don't have any plans to look forward to, the structure of the work week has ebbed away, and all you have is social media highlights for a companion, it's a bit of a perfect storm for this overthinker right here. I need to think of a way to manage this as it's been quite overwhelming the last few weeks.

Joy may come in the morning, but not before overthinking consumes me at night.

Hashtag Sass with a capital S

Ah, Demi, Demi, Demi.

Demi Lovato seems to have become a right little R&B vixen overnight, innit? I have been listening to Sorry Not Sorry on repeat for the last three weeks. There is just something about it that makes my hips sway hard and hasn't yet failed to improve my mood. The beat also provides an ever-growing threat to make me do an involuntary solo flash mob on the walk to work.

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