#261 // White Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake (aka the one for easy indulgence)

So, last night was optimum winning time at Sainsburys.

I arrived just in time for the reductions and as well as picking up a very large amount of bread for one person to eat in one weekend, I also spied some white chocolate chip cookies in the bakery section for 50p. The joy. The. Joy.

And then this morning, having eaten two already, I thought about a way to mix it up. This was an experiment, but one that worked oh so well and is oh so easy. I've come to learn that while I like being in the kitchen, I enjoy quick wins. And this my friends, is a very quick, very delicious win.

A cookie from the in-store bakery
A (very generous) scoop of vanilla ice cream some might say that my version of generous, basically means two scoops, not one
Milk of your choice
Cinnamon (if it takes your fancy) I'm sorry, I put it in everything.

Shove it all in the nutribullet (sacrilege, right?), or a liquidiser. Pour and serve immediately, delighting heavily in the wonderousness of this two minute make.

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