#262 // Making Memories: The Birthday BBQ

Friday marked my uncle's 60th birthday, so we celebrated with a barbecue over the weekend. 

It was really lovely. As a grown up, I find myself able to truly appreciate some of the cultural nuances about these gatherings: the community vibe and everyone bringing something to contribute to make up a feast. The smell of jerk chicken sizzling, the heavy baselines fizzing across the floor, my aunties and uncles rocking away to those songs it would be sacrilege not to play. Cups of rum punch to warm the belly, followed by fried dumplings to soak up the potent mix. 

I feel that's a part of my culture that's slipping away from me. For my generation, we go out for brunch and take pretty photos of our instagrammable food, which is all well and good. But for so many years, this is how we've done community: in the home, with food and music and dancing amongst family and friends. And with laughter and stories peppering the air as night time falls.

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