#258 // Chocolate Scotch Eggs

Chocoholics unite.

I saw these on Olive Magazine's instagram page and in my renewed spirit of being a doer, I bought the ingredients the next day and made these chocolate scotch eggs that night.

They're super easy, don't require cooking and are delightfully indulgent. 

The original recipe calls for creme eggs, but I have a confession. I don't actually like them. I know, shock horror. I used Lindt chocolate eggs in the centre instead and I really didn't feel like I was missing out. I've also heard a rumour about Reese's peanut butter creme eggs (now that I could get behind). And I mean, if we're already being overindulgent, you might as well give those a go if they float your boat.

I made three eggs, but cut them in half so they serve six. Even the most avid chocolate fan will only be able to eat a half at a time. Trust me, I tried.

You'll need:
3 mini eggs of your choice

Brownies  I bought a 235g tub of brownie bites from M&S.

Chocolate buttercream (you can make your own, I bought good old Betty Crocker). How much? This is a tricky one. I used two heaped teaspoons, and I actually think it was a bit too much. I've linked the video from Olive below and I agree with them when they say that the amount of buttercrem you need depends on how moist your brownies are. If they are malleable enough to hold their shape on their own, you could skip it entirely. Just use your own judgement here.

Edible decorations I rolled mine in desiccated coconut and golden honeycomb form M&S. But you could go with crushed flake bars, hundreds and thousands, crushed peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, whatever floats your boat. I most enjoyed the honeycomb, as it added another layer of texture.

Break up the brownies into crumbs, then add the buttercream if needed. 
Remove any packaging from the eggs.
Place some of the brownie mix into the palm of your hand and press flat. 
Put the egg on top of the brownie mix and squeeze your palm around it. 
In your other hand, get some more of the brownie mixture and shape, covering the egg entirely. 
Once you've done this for all of the eggs you have, scatter your toppings into plates and roll the chocolate eggs around to cover them. 
I put my eggs in the fridge to firm up for a bit, before cutting and devouring.

Click here for the original video, and let me know if you try them. There are so many way to go with these, let me know what your favourite combination is! 

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