#256 // Do.

In the last week of 2016, I went to Kew Gardens.

I'd been saying I'd like to go to again for the best part of two, maybe even three years.

I'd accrued some loyalty points through online shopping with British Airways and had earned enough to get an entrance ticket for free.

I booked a random date for the week I had off over Christmas and I went.

Not the most exciting bit of prose to start a blog post with, but have a look at another pretty photo and stay with me.

The trip was marvellous. Just me, my thoughts and my camera in the fresh air and Wintery sunlight. I walked around, got hella steps in on my fitbit that day, thought about my hopes, prayers and intentions for the year ahead. It was really great time to focus and enjoy that smagical still time that seems to exist between the end of one year and the start of another.

I want to get better at photography, so I took my camera with me and snapped away. I'm still getting there with understanding all of the technical terms, but I'm just going with the have camera, will snap mantra at the moment. And there lies the lesson.

The thing we need to understand is that as adults we'll hardly ever have large pockets of time to dedicate to passions, hobbies, learning new skills, trips. It just doesn't happen. We may dream of throwing the towel in and travelling round the world for a couple of months, but hello? Bills, responsibilities, work, family? If you want to go somewhere, book a date and make everything else work round it. Otherwise, you'll spend three years "planning" to go to Kew Gardens. Not even leaving the country, you know! But literally, that's how ridiculous it can get if you don't JFDI.

If you want to be something, then do something.

One small thing. One small action. 

Pick up the camera and start snapping. Even if you don't know what all the buttons do.

Start the blog post. Bake the cake.

Want to be a dancer? Book a dance class. Go. And boom, wouldn't you know it? You're a dancer. You may not be a great dancer, but you're a dancer, twinkle toes.

Want to get fitter? Find a class that interests you. Give it a go. Give another one a go. Go to the gym. Guess what? Those few hours were better spent shaking your butt instead of sitting on it. You're now well on your way to being fitter.

Forget the planning. The maybes. The one days and some days. 

Ditch the wishing, the pinning and the planning. Which, might I add, as a massive planner, is completely against my nature for me to say. You'll never be ready. You'll always be scared. Why are we always so ready to fail, but so scared to try? If you don't like it, at least you silenced your inner fearmonger and procrastinator.

And if you like it? Great. Now go be greater.

Do. Be. Experience. Fail. But for goodness sake, do something.

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