#253 // Massive Lessons from Mere Moments

I was trying to think of some delightfully empowering words to accompany these photos. 

These photos.... they weren't planned. 

It was Friday night. I had just taken my braids out and washed my hair and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and felt a smile curl on my lips. This woman with curves, wobbly bits, afro hair that she doesn't really know what to do with, strong calves and muscular thighs: I like her. No, I love her. 

It's something I have practised every day for the last seven, going on eight months. And on Friday night, while simply washing my hair, I had a moment. I recognised a milestone that has been reached. That all of that daily talk and practise has become a learned language of self-love that comes really rather easily now.

Some photos are under-exposed, over-exposed, out of focus. All imperfect, yet beautiful. And similarly, in each moment of each day, whether filtered or unfiltered, weak or strong, ready to runway walk, or with headscarf-wrapped hair and not a scrap of make up on - us, just as we are: we slay. 

I wrote a poem about a month ago. Something quite unusual for me. And when I was thinking about some words to accompany these photos, I thought these might fit quite well. 

Not good enough
Not tall enough
Not slim enough
Not tough enough

Not clever enough
Not rich enough
Not normal enough

Enough’s enough!

Not black enough
Not British enough
Too well spoken
Perfect token

Not confident enough
Not far enough
Down the path you think I should walk -

Let me tell you
I’ve had enough
And today I declare

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