#252 // Happy Birthday, Darling Girl

I think it's important to tell me people how you feel about them. Every chance you get. And unreservedly.

So before I even get to the crux of this post Liss, let me say this: I love you, I'm proud of you and I'm so happy to have you in my world.

Alicia and I have known each other since we were 11-years-old. We went to secondary school and sixth form together, but even though we spent most of the week together for the best part of seven years, we were only acquaintances for this entire time. 

We were actually brought back together through some pretty bad news, but a delightful and precious friendship has come out of it. We've pretty much been inseparable for the last three years, and I often find myself wondering why we weren't closer when we spent so many years walking along the same school corridors. 

So, Liss dear readers, is tall, loves stationery more than life itself, reads as fast as Usian Bolt sprints, and today is her 32nd birthday.

She's sensitive, funny, spends way too much time on Instagram and twitter, wears her heart on her sleeve and says the word "snazzy" a lot. She's also very good with words, so you should check out her blog.

In the last few years since I've really gotten to know her, I've seen her traverse some interesting paths; be mistreated by a few dickheads, come into her own and find her strength, hold her head high and put a lot of drama behind her and fall in love with a delightful man called Steven. 

I'm along for the ride on her current journey, as she focuses on losing weight for her impending nuptials and with the aim of starting a family. She's already lost almost two stone with nothing but grit and determination. She's pushed herself, stuck to her macros, challenged her anxious nature by rocking up to a plethora of classes by herself, with each one, ramping up the endorphins and her belief in herself.

We've been to Psycle classes, functional fitness workshops, health festivals and she emailed me this week with a six month plan of the workouts and classes we'll conquer later this year. She appeals to my inner planner and I friggin' love it. 

One of the things I like about her most is that she is ultra focused. When she is trying to get somewhere, nothing can alter her course. It's quite hypnotising to witness.

We recently went to Paris together and she asked me to be a bridesmaid! I'm so excited. It's going to be very emotional, and there will be all the tears, followed by all the dancing. 

Liss, I mainly wanted to wish you a happy birthday, celebrate our friendship and write down just a few of the things I've seen you conquer in the last year. Because sometimes you can't see your progress when in the thick of your own journey, but know that I see you and I support you homie. I see the pounds go down, but more than that, I see so many other characteristics that can't be measured in metrics, flourish in you. 

Here's to another year of #goals, great friendship and gratitude with you, dearest gym bae!

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