#249 // Mere Moments

A few months ago, I thought up the phrase 'magic in the mundane.' I may not be the first person ever to utter these words, but the hashtag hadn't been used much on Instagram, so I'm gonna use that as certified fact that I can claim it as my own. 

I've been wanting to use my camera more. To get better at using it more instinctively, and to capture shots with less luck and more purpose. 
To do so, I need to actively use it more in the smaller, everyday moments. Because at the end of the day, they always say it's the little things that are really the big things. So here's to documenting more of the little things, the magic in the mundane. And to finding a home for all those visuals that would otherwise only have a home on a memory card. 

We went to the new Wagamama on Dean Street in Soho on Saturday. I'd highly recommend the bang bang cauliflower next time you visit.

 In mere moments of togetherness, families forge their most indelible memories 
Quote: Wes Fesler

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