#245 // The Fire and the Fear

Last night at 10:52 pm, I was thinking about singing.

I'm always told I should sing more.

I've been toying with the idea of singing on InstaStories when I wake up in the morning. Just, because...well why not?

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that up until now, this has not been a reality.

Singing ignites my soul and music is etched on my heart.

So if it feels so damn good, why not fill every minute of every day with it?

"Do more of what makes you feel good," they say.

They forget to end that sentence with, "and what feels good, also feels fucking terrifying."

And that's when I had the realisation that the fire and the fear of your passions come from the same place. The similar explosions of excitement and anxious frissons have the exact same source. Both are dynamic forces, with the same enigmatic pull. One heads for comfort. The other, for change. One keeps you small, the other quite literally, gives you life.

So the question always remains: which one are you gonna go with? The fire or the fear? Same pull, very different outcomes.

Fear leads to frustration, the fire leads to freedom.

You can go with whichever you want. It's your choice. But know this: you can drive around and around the roundabout of fear - for years (trust me, I've done it). But the second you give way to that fire... whew! I am convinced that there is no better feeling than the freeing moment: the just do it, the quietening of the inner critic, even for just long enough to act. 

And did I sing? Well you'll just have to keep an eye on my InstaStory to find out. 

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