#243 // This is not a masterpiece.

So I'm a notoriously flimsy blogger. 

Probably not the best way to start a blog post, but let's call a spade, a spade - it's true. 

Sometimes, yes - life gets in the way, but largely, you know what it is? Perfectionism and overthinking.

I currently have 203 drafts catching digital dust. These will be words that I've left too long, allowing the moment to pass, posts I've fervently begun typing, but lost my way with and never come back to.

Mainly though, they are posts that I don't think are good enough to press publish on. Fully formed prose that I just let sit there.

Yes, as a writer, I should be considered and check my facts, spelling, grammar and the way it reads, but it really doesn't need to be the battle that I always make it. This is meant to be the thing that brings me joy, so why make it such a chore?

Not everything will be a masterpiece. That doesn't mean you shouldn't create it.

Not everything will be a masterpiece. And that's ok. But you have to keep creating and not be afraid of producing something that's not a ten out of ten, because you never know when that wonderful missive that you'll be so proud of is going to come along. And how will you know if it's the masterpiece, if you don't write the things that aren't? Am I making any sense? 

It's like that thing that's said of work, where sometimes, done is good enough. Because, if the alternative is not creating, not writing, not expressing myself, then I know which one I'd rather deal with. 

Sports aren't only played when a team is guaranteed to win.
Music artists don't only write on the promise of a Grammy.

They do it anyway. 

Because the process in itself brings something to the table. The passion is in the practice. And practice makes progress. It's the thing that continually brings you back to it, and coerces you to want to be better.

So don't let fear or comparison, or any other little gromit on your shoulder paralyse your prose. Press publish and move on - closer to that masterpiece.

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