#244 // Determind.

I love words.

Sometimes I like to break them down into syllables and components, and think about how it came to be.

I found myself doing that with the word 'determined' the other day. Because I'm determined to pay off my credit card in fifty-one days time. And what greater day to talk finances and determination, than Black Friday. 

Sometimes words become a mush of nonsense when you say them over and over again. but this repetition led somewhere else.

Determined. Deter-mined. To deter your mind.

When you are determined to do something, it's like giving a green light to say that you are ready to be tested. To be deterred and to be discouraged from doing something.

Just like if you were on a diet and say you're cutting down on sugar, all of a sudden, everyone wants to get their bake on.

And the greatest stage for that battle? Your mind.

I want to pay off my credit card, and so a million emails poured into my inbox about Black Friday, people want to organise yolo holidays and dinners etc.

But I've got to keep my resolve. It's life saying, how serious are you about this? You gonna let yourself be swayed?

I've got my what. I've got my when. My why, is simply because having access to credit isn't a good idea for me, so I just want to close the door for good (You can read more on the importance of the why, here).

But I am decided, settled and resolved. So temptation? Come at me. 

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