#241 // Never stop learning

The last quarter of this year is set to be super creative for me.

I was given a one-day photography course for my birthday back in August, and wouldn't you know it, the last two months have whipped round super quickly, and it was Saturday gone. Not gonna lie, I thought I was gonna leave an award winning paparazzo. I did not. But I will endeavour.

I love words, but I've felt for some time that I'd like to combine both words and visual imagery to create messages and memories for my social media platforms. 

I've admired Xanthe's work for some time, so the moment I realised that she'd gathered together lots of hints and tips into an e-course, it took me all of 20 minutes to decide to sign up.

Above is my first go at a mini movie. The prompt was Scenes From The Weekend and we had to try and incorporate six types of shots into our film.

I'm trying to live out the mantras "experiences over things" and "never stop learning." My nan is a wonderful example of this. There's no career development here, no big plan or goal. I simply want to learn so I can create.

Because I can and because my spirit demands it of me. My brain insists on me creating, whether through words, visuals, food or song - as to me, it is the antithesis of work, the yin to my yang. 

I read Big Magic my Elizabeth Gilbert not so long ago, and my main take away from it fits with my recent creative endeavours and my life entirely: I create, because I have to. 

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