#238 // 37 days.

In 37 days' time, I'll have ditched one of two credit cards that has been holding me financially hostage for the best part of three years. (I say it has, but really, who was in charge of the swiping and pin entering?).

37 days until my first checkpoint in my financial freedom journey. It's coming about a month earlier than I planned, thanks to some unexpected extra money coming my way #kerching 

On a side note, can we just discuss the monumental shift in money mindset that has occured since I laser focused on getting rid of my debt? Sasha, pre-FCS (Financial Common Sense), would have been straight at her ASOS/H&M/all the other store saved baskets, mentally spending every single penny before it's even come my way. But this financially savvy diva in the making, headed straight to her spreadsheet to see just how deep that money shovel would go in assisting the excavation out of my financial black hole. I'll just pause here for applause... lol!

I feel relieved, proud of my progress, my focus, and pumped for the next goal. Every time the 15th of the month rolls round, I know I can make another little dent, take another little step towards that zero balance. 

I know that hashtag goals circulate endlessly around the internet, but my God, do mini-goals really help you to perceive the final destination as a real, doable thing. Mini or even micro milestones, have really provided that positive propeller to keep me going. So even if you have to break your goal down by month, week or even each day to help you make the right decisions, do it, because even the greatest level of willpower wanes when you have a long-term goal to achieve.

Apologies that this post doesn't tell you anything fun or sassy, it's mainly a public progress report for myself, but if you have a money goal (or anything you're focusing on right now), I hope this gives you a little reminder to keep going. The goal post isn't as far away as you think it is, and you're closer today than when you started.

Money is something that isn't really spoken about, and I'm hoping that my financial transformation can shed some light or be of some inspiration to someone out there struggling in the same area. So stay tuned, it's no holds barred and the relaying of my former financial ineptitude is gonna get messy...

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