#236 // Lessons from M People

So, I was watching Big Brother's Little Brother the other day (shoosh, we all have flaws), and 90s throwback Heather Smalls (M People) was a guest panellist. At the end of the programme, she performed hit single, Proud. 

Now, Ben always tells me off for liking songs because I like the beat, whilst having no clue what they're singing about, but I think I can be forgiven for not entirely heeding the message Heather put across in the lyrics, as I was barely fifteen when it was released.

But now, as a thirty year old woman, when she sang those same lyrics this time, the ears of life experience pricked up and heard her story.

"I look into the window of my mind
Reflections of the fears I know I've left behind
I step out of the ordinary, I can feel my soul ascending
I'm on my way, can't stop me know and you can do the same, yeah

What have you done today to make you feel proud? 
It's never too late to try
What have you done today to make you feel proud?

And so I asked myself this exact question for the last couple days, what have I done today to make me feel proud? And here are the results:

  1. Five full push ups
  2. Said 'no' twice to things that would have meant unnecessary spending on my credit card
  3. Had a fruit smoothie or tea on two nights when all I wanted was pancakes and chocolate
  4. Finally published a blog post (this one you're reading right here!)
  5. Stayed off snapchat for an entire day and enjoyed life unframed and unfiltered

They aren't necessarily the biggest things in the world in terms of accomplishments, but doing something small every day will lead to the bigger goals. So I take note of the small successes, taking it day by day, knowing the little things will one day become the big things.

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