#234 // An important lesson on finishing

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I am not a finisher. 

I am a doer, a starter, a grinder, an enthusiastic beginner, but a finisher, I am not. 

You can see evidence of this in many areas of my life: this seemingly neglected blog, the back end of which has endless half-drafted posts. You can see it in the penny challenge I started with aplomb at the beginning of this year, but tailed off on by the end of February. Once more, my lack of finishing ability, has shown itself in the fact that I had my first driving lesson at 18, and have only just resumed them aged 30. 

But today, I ran the last four miles of the Marathon May challenge that I set myself. The idea was to run 26.2 miles over the course of May, and granted it's now 6th June, but I finished something. I FINISHED SOMETHING. 

I'm really proud of that fact. I didn't cut corners, I ran when I didn't feel like it, I told myself I'd just run for a mile just to get myself on the treadmill, and then completely boss it, and run two. I surprised myself with my progress as my finishing times got better and I actually half-enjoyed myself. 

This is only a small thing, but it means the world to someone like me, as it's a tangible thing I can grasp when I task myself with something bigger and say: you did that. So you can do this. 

There are a fair few #goals I need to reach - to strive for, for the second, third or even sixth time, but I will get there, because I've proved I can. 

I am a finisher.

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