#235 // 150 workouts in 2016: An Honest Mid Year Review

I set myself a few goals this year. I might mention them here and there, but largely keep them to myself. It's not because I don't want to admit defeat if it comes my way, I'm the first one to admit when I fuck up. I just prefer to diligently keep it moving in the background in the main. 

2016 rolled round, and having done the London to Brighton Trek the year before, I set myself a new fitness goal: 150 workouts in one year. And gosh darn it, I'm pretty much on point. Today marked my 60th workout. I'm aiming to get to 70 by the end of the month, which will put me on track for 140 by the end of 2016. (I'll just have to dig deep for those final 10!). 

So how does it feel? 

I'm not gonna lie, I thought that I would feel like a fit-fam fanatic, green juice-swigging, bootcamp-bossin' babe. But... not necessarily. 

Even though my mantra is "strong, fit, sexy", I'm so annoyed at myself for still being irked that my my main concern seems to be regarding the jiggles and cellulite that are still present, and the distinctive lack of a flat belly. 

By not making weight loss the focus, I secretly thought it would be a surprising by-product. On the face of it, I feel like I have little to show for my efforts. I guess that's what you get for being taken in by the visually saturated world that we live in these days. It feels like no matter which feed you scroll through, there's some juice-glugging virtuous goddess that seems completely unaffected by the crippling cravings I have for sweet things and cheese.

But in doing so, I am doing my body a complete and utter disservice. 

This body ran 26.2 miles in May on top of my other workouts. This body has been going to boxing classes every fortnight for the last few months. This body can run further and faster without fatigue. 

This body wins the battle against her feelings and thoughts and shows up even when feeling shit, leaving feeling powerful beyond measure. 

I've conquered my fear of the male-dominated weights section, sleep better and am happy wearing minimal make up, because HELLO, FRESH LOOKING SKIN.

I'm stronger too, realising just the other day, that I could hold a plank for a minute and that slowly full press ups are starting to replace full sets done on my knees. I feel like this challenge is as much in the mind, as it is in the physical act of turning up. It's about a renewal of my thoughts, not to solely deem success in the size of jeans I'm wearing. So, here's to the remaining 90 workouts (yah! What a scary big number!). 

Goal for the second half: praising my power, persistence, continuing to push through and being proud of what this 5"2 frame is doing. 

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