#233 // What's Your Why?

A couple weeks ago, I had to tell my friend about herself. 

I wanted to help clear the haze that can cloud your judgement. I had to help her see through the fog that envelopes you and can take grip so firmly, only allowing you to see all you perceive to be wholly shit in your life.

She wanted to make some changes in her life, and in the midst of our conversation, these words dropped out of my mouth:

If your why isn't strong enough, your will won't be either.

I found those words still swimming round my head a few weeks later, with regard to my fitness challenge for the year in particular: completing 150 work outs in 1 year.

I didn't actually know what I was really aiming for when I plucked an arbitrary number out of the air in January. All I knew, was that I wanted consistency. I wanted to prove that I could finish something. Work through the enthusiastic beginning, the pitfalls, the tiredness, and finish.

So if figured that if I went to the gym three times a week for a year, that would total 144 workouts. I rounded it up to 150, just because I thought it sounded better.

But what was going to get me through the tough times? Why myself through this? What helps us to achieve any goal that we set for ourselves? It's the why. It's remembering why you started and what you had envisioned as the end goal. And it needs to be a powerful, strong image that won't be budged by off days or bad attitudes.

I discovered my why a few weeks ago.

I've started reading Cameron Diaz's new book, The Longevity Book, and it speaks frankly and knowledgeably about the ageing process. Not from a superficial POV, but by delving into the life span of each organ, and how we can age better and help our bodies through the process. I then picked up a magazine with J. Lo on the front and when I read the strap line, I thought "this is it." It read: "Strong. Fit. Sexy."

My health & fitness mantra: Strong. Fit Sexy.

I want to age well. I want to run up and down with my kids. I want to feel strong and powerful physically, something that I feel will penetrate my mindset with similar thought. I want to continue to belie my years. And not just because I'm short, and black don't crack. I want to see my body perform and be proud of its progress. I want to lift weights like a badass, dance like no ones watching and do yoga like a boss. I want to fully arm my body with the tools it needs to keep me healthy and strong. 

I knew that my why could have nothing to do with physical looks or numbers on scales. If it were, I'd have given up on day two. But as it stands, this weekend marks my 51st workout. 

I've had to dig pretty deep the last few days, but I just love that I'm showing up for myself. 

So, no matter what your goal, if you're serious, I implore you to scribble down your why. Journal it, put it in your purse, stick in on a post it, have a representative image as your screensaver. Do whatever you need to to keep it at the forefront of your mind, because when the shit hits the fan, it's your why that'll pull you through. 

Be sure to let me know, #WhatsYourWhy on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (thelifewardrobe). I'm rooting for ya.

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