#232 // Life as inspired by: Elizabeth Gilbert

I am obsessed with Elizabeth Gilbert. 

There's something about the way that she talks, that speaks to my soul. Anything that has her name on it, I'm there. You Tube, podcasts, books, the lot. There are so many gems to be garnered when she opens her mouth, or picks up her pen. Her outlook on life is phenomenally interesting, refreshing and encouraging.

I was listening to the audio from this interview at work the other day, and when she started speaking about perfectionism and fear, I froze, paralysed by the recognition of truth. It's a long interview, so here is the excerpt that captivated me, but the full video is below.

"Perfectionism... the murderer of all good things... It kills joy, spontaneity, wonder, grace, humility. And perfectionism is a particularly dangerous kind of fear, and I always call perfectionism fear in high heeled shoes, because it's fancy. It's like a really fancy haute couture version of fear. Perfectionism can advertise itself as a virtue, and it can trick you into letting you think its something that makes you special "Well, I'm a perfectionist, I just can't rest until (it's perfect). I guess I just care too much." It's what people say in job interviews as their fault. 

But what you're telling me when you say that, is that it's going to be very hard for you. Not only to finish something, but probably to begin something, because the true perfectionist won't even start, because they know already, that it's not going to be the thing they're dreaming of, and their tastes and expectation are so high."

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