#231 // So that was Wednesday.

Today went a little like this.

1.15pm Off for lunchtime trip to the bank to open Help to Buy ISA. Am massive grown up (ahem..about time at 30-year old...give self side-eye).

2.10pm Back at desk. May actually be able to own house. One day.

2.33pm Really need to go to gym. Signs up for 6.30pm class.

3.58pm Really need chocolate. And I am going to the gym late *buys sea salt caramels.* But not just any sea salt caramels. M&S ones baby! Well, if I'm going to go over my Weight Watchers points allowance, I'm going to do it properly.

5.43pm Train is supposed to on platform, so I can get to step class. Train is not on platform.

5.49pm Knew I should have taken gym kit with me. Should have foreseen this random desire to move my booty.

6.22pm Have somehow power-walked home, changed into gym clothes, had a phone call with the bf and left the house in 14 minutes.

7.05pm Oh. Well, that was...crap. Music too quiet and the teacher had NO rhythm. There was just no getting to that place that makes you want to work out til your hear bursts through your chest! So I went over my point allowance (MASSIVELY), and went to a shit exercise class. But no matter. Will join the masses of Southbank runners tomorrow, with inaugural jog. Yes. I am going to get my Summer body by becoming a seasoned runner. I will. I will, I will, I will...

7.58pm Will improve day by having bath.

8.08pm Let's top up the hot water.

8.09pm No more frickin' hot water, and have now made bath cold waiting for it to kick in. Rrrrr....

8.52pm A yummy dinner saves the day. Screw the points.

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