#228 // Things From This Week

Watched: Creed. And didn't fall asleep. And let me tell you, for this notorious cinema narcoleptic, that is a massive endorsement. I think it's a great continuation to the Rocky series of films. Well acted and the visuals were really thoughtfully directed (not solely referring to Michael B. Jordan's oiled up body... ahem).

I also watched The Age of Loneliness on BBC 1. The film looked at the different experiences and cirumstances that can lead to loneliness amongst a range of ages from 19 to 100. It was emotional, raw and hard to watch. But it made for heart-wrenchingly compelling viewing.

Ate: Corned Beef Hash for brunch. Recipe coming soon.

Won: £25 and a free lucky dip on the lotto. Quite literally #winning!

Saved: I'm doing the 365 penny-a-day challenge and I'm keeping it up! Just like a moodboard reminds you of why you're doing something, hearing my little pennies clinck into the jar each day and build up little by little is a visual encouragement to KEEP GOING. It's true what they say, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Did: Completed my first four gym sessions of 2016. More on that goal later.

Read: a lovely piece on blog Flourish and Be (isn't that a great name?) on how to nurture yourself in 2016 and another from Emma Gannon on changing our perspective of Mondays.

How's your week been?

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