#229 // 150.

It's review season at work, and I'm being accosted by the term "SMART goals." 

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Timely.

Have I ever told you how much I hate reviews? Don't get me wrong, it's great to get feedback, and have an allotted amount of time in your manager's diary that is solely for you, but I just feel like in 2016, there has to be a different way of looking at your progress that doesn't make the entire office collectively weep.

But them smart goals... gym wise, there's something in it. 

Hands up who's silent resolution it is every year to lose weight, be fitter, be healthier? And somehow, it just gets swept into the same cupboard as all the other resolutions of yesteryear.  So I'm trying to come at it differently this time. I've been unhappy with my body for some time, and it's reached the point where mentally, I've removed the barrier, rid myself of excuses and am ready for the challenge.


I'm aiming for 150 gym sessions in one year. Big goal for the girl that hasn't worked out in months.
Three gym sessions a week. Twelve workouts a month.
Over the course of a year, that's 144 workouts. Smart, no?

But 150 seems like a much nicer, more rounded and complete number, so lets just throw six bonus workouts in there. Why the heck not?

I'm not so much focusing on getting to a specific weight goal in numbers, but I do know that I want to reduce my body fat percentage, and for three specific items in my wardrobe to fit the way they used to. I feel like building this habit into everyday life, will also help with my desire for a continued peace in my life in 2016 as I'll be working out all those feel-good hormones as well.

I'm keeping myself accountable by taking a snap of each workout; each step, each drip of sweat (not, really in that much detail! Oh, I'm @thelifewardrobe on snapchat, btw). I've also got a journal on the way (because I can always find an excuse to buy stationery), to help me talk feelings, visually see my workouts and progress, and to plan meals.

Tomorrow marks workout seven. 143 to go... I got this.

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