#226 // Back To Basics

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It's Boxing Day and I feel like I've been at a five star spa for about a week. 

In truth, it's not even been two full days since I put on my out of office, yet I feel so incredibly relaxed. I've laughed, I've slept, I've eaten (loads, with zero regret) and inhaled these special moments with my family. 

Dad has made me copious cups of tea. Uncle Del has matched this with a glass of fizz or rum punch for every round, and I've danced around the living room with them listening to good soulful music for hours. I spent the majority of Christmas Day in my pj's, just freshening up and changing in time for dinner. 

And I feel bloody fantastic. 

When I got home on Christmas Eve, my mum had to finish my sentences, because I'd got to the point of tiredness where I could barely formulate words. I stared into one of the cupboards for five minutes solid, with no clue why I was there (FYI, I was looking for flour to thicken gravy). It seems my brain checked out the minute I left work. This rest was of the utmost necessity.

And now the main meal is over, there's the chance to take a few moments and think about life, as you do at the end of any given period or expanse of time. What do I want for the year ahead, what are my #goals, you know the usual. I have a few things in mind, but in the main, I want to take each day as it comes. 

Blog-wise though, I think I know where I'm headed: back to basics. I had this moment of clarity in the bath this morning (I had time for a bath!), and I just thought "fuck perfection". 

I'd read a Bloglovin' email earlier, and all of the titles about how to look perfect in every photograph, what to wear for effortless chic, blah blah, just angered me into pressing unsubscribe. I thought we opted out of this crap ages ago, taking a stand against "the magazines" and "the media", and yet somehow the voices of our blogs have become infected with the same glossy sheen. Well, I for one, am over it. O-VER IT.

There is enough pressure and demand and expectation in life, without perfection wedging its unwanted self into my creative outlet as well. And I know I harp on about this every so often, but it's because it's a lesson I still need to drum into my own head. Blogging is whatever we want it to be. It's refreshing to be able to shape and have a say in how things are going to work in this growing field. But at the same time, we also have to take responsibility for the creation of this beast; for what we've responded to, have said is ok and what we say we want to hear and see, voting with our clicks. And for me personally, it's not catwalks and glossy lips. It's something that's wholly more relatable and do-able. It's a bit clumsy, always honest, mostly positive, useful and just fun.

So this space is reserved for life with its many intricacies, weird and wonderful ways. A document for feelings, phases and memories; for lessons and for the questions I have that I can't quite answer, but gain catharsis in through writing about. This is an unpolished space with good intentions, because that's what I think the internet needs: more honesty, and less shit cropped out, because it's beyond those cropped lines, where real life and lessons lie. And isn't that what we all originally signed up for?

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