#225 // A Hygge Christmas

Well hello there. It's been some time. How have you been?

I'm tired and ready for the Christmas break. I simultaneously can't believe it's December already, and at the same time, am incredulous at the fact that the days until the office closes for Christmas are crawling by s-o-o-o  s-l-o-w-l-y. 

It's funny the way that as you get older, you stop caring about the presents. The wishlist is replaced with a true gratefulness should you receive any small gift from a friend of loved one. You realise that things don't matter. And yet, Christmas still maintains its sparkle.

The Danish term hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) has been flying around the Internet and I'm very much hoping for a hygge Christmas this year. There's no direct translation, but the essence of it comes from the feeling of warding of the dark and cold of a Nordic Winter, with the light and love of those around you. The term has since evolved into more of a lifestyle adjective, with people creating situations of hygge through cozy atmospheres, and relaxing with good friends and loved ones while sharing a meal, in order to induce the the actual feeling of hygge.

There's a wonderful simplicity about its culture. It isn't just made up of dreamy Pinterest images that will never be within reach in real life. You really can live it on an everyday basis. And I love that it actively encourages you to strip away the unecessary, added extras that complicate life and get us all caught up in ourselves.

So this Christmas, I want nothing more than a wonderfully simple time with my family. Truly appreciating them and relishing time spent with them. I want to binge watch Netflix, sleep til my heart's content and only contemplate getting out of my pyjamas when the day is at least halfway through. Oh hygge Christmas, I am sooooo ready for you.

NB: Other essentials to my version of hygge will include cheese, mulled wine. and that gold-dusted M&S pud from the advert that I ordered. Obvs.

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