#217 // World Kindness Day: Wrap Up London

I've decided to switch today's BEDN topic with Friday's, as it's a time conscious one.

Hands up who's wardrobe consists of coats that take up a third of the rail, but also, always finds a reason to buy a new one each season? *Raises own hand*

I know it's not just me. The coat has become a seasonal purchase, a statement, an essential. But at some point, something has to give. And I'd prefer if it wasn't my long-suffering wardrobe rail.

Friday is World Kindness Day, but today marks the start of the 5th annual Wrap Up London campaign. If you live in London, you may spot a hive of activity at certain tube stations this week, for the campaign run by the charity, Hands On London.

From Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th November, if you bring an old coat that you no longer want to one of the stations below, the charity will happily take it off your hands and distribute them to over 170 organisations to help those in need including the homeless, elderly, refugees, women who have fled domestic violence and children in poverty.

I've managed to find three coats to donate this week. I know, three coats for my one body that at some point I convinced myself were a good idea to purchase. It's actually quite embarrasing. And don't even get me started on the waste of money.... but, they will be going to good homes.

I'll also be helping out on Saturday to sort through all of the donations ready for collection and onward distribution.

I think it's a wonderful way to give charitably, especially at this time of year as we've all begun to notice a definite chill in the air. It can also double as an opportunity for a bit of an Autumn clear out. 

And I make my pledge now, I will NOT be making any additional cost purchases to fill the space.*

*Disclaimer: Apart from the coat I already bought in September... ahem... More about that on Friday in my BEDN style post.

Volunteers will be waiting from 7am each morning. You can donate your coat at the following stations: Kings Cross, Victoria, Waterloo, Canary Wharf, Charing Cross, London Bridge, Highbury & Islington and Euston. You can also drop coats off at Safestore self storage units and even via Collect Plus (find out more here), so there really is no reason not to give if you can!

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