#224 // Most Worn: River Island Ankle Boots

snake print ankle boot

Polo Neck: Primark
Faux Leather Skirt: Warehouse Ankle Sock Boots: River Island 
Oh look, more snake print. The obsession continues.

This is part two of the set of photos that Dan took for me when we met a few weeks ago (see the first lot here). I heart these even more, I must say.

I am rocking the shizzle out of these ankle boots. The sock boot style isn't one I thought would suit me. They possibly don't, as I'm conscious of the awkward height on the chunky-calved short girl; and of the elastic boot top causing me to look a bit overstuffed sausage in the leg area, but my calves are here to stay, and I bloody love them (the boots, but my calves too goddamit!). And you retailers are onto something with that there elastane-rimmed boot situation, because THE COMFORT. THE WARMTH. THE ALLOWANCE OF BLOOD TO CIRCULATE, WHERE USUALLY THE ZIP WOULD GET STUCK 1/3 OF THE WAY UP MY LEG.

And as a 30-year-old woman, I would also like to proclaim, that 8cm is heel mecca. It's the perfect "oh look at the effort I'm making wearing heels" to actually being able to wear them past lunch time ratio.

The rest of the outfit features my trusty primark polo neck and faux leather skirt; because you can and should take advantage of wearing a plain-ass black outfit when you've got shoes like this to do the talking.

But I shall stop talking/typing now, because this post isn't about me. I mean, yes, it's a notification that I've taken another step towards obsessive snake print nut, but really, once again the focus is on these absolutely beaut photographs that Dan has taken. You can get in touch with him on twitter and have a look at his website here.

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