#220 // Most Worn: Adidas Snakeprint Superstars

Coat: & Other Stories Polo neck: Primark
Skirt: WarehouseTrainers: Adidas, via Zalando
There are four things you need to know about this post. 

Firstly, this post is about love. I now own five items with snake print on them, and there's a special place in my heart for each of them. These are some of the hardest working and most-loved pieces in my wardrobe currently. And finally,  I love these photographs. So like I said, this is a post about love.

I adore these photos because the person behind the lens made me - an awkward, 5'2 woman, look like a natural and actually feel comfortable in front of a lens. I met up with Lauren and her boyfriend Dan, in South Kensington last weekend. In less than a year, his mild interest in photography has become a full blown passion. He's trying to build up a portfolio, so we did a trade off - and I clearly got the better end of the deal.

My mouth dropped open when I opened my Dropbox this week to find these absolutely awesome snaps, half of which, I didn't even know he was taking. When I thought he was taking full length shots of me and I was all "suck in your gut Glasgow," he was getting shots of me talking animatedly to Lauren, but the results look effortless.

I donated three coats to charity this week. And quite easily too. I don't go in much for trend coats, as I think they're a waste of money with only a shelf life of a season (or two if you're lucky). I mean, quick straw poll: who's still rocking one of those pink coats from two years ago? Yeah, didn't think so. Even though I go for more classic shapes and cuts, the volume was just ridiculous. So, this year, I bought just one coat. In true Marie Kondo style, I ensured I looked for the one that I truly loved, adored and lusted after. This gorgeous & Other Stories navy number is just perfect. Oversized, well-cut and classic, it goes with everything. It's the most I've ever spent on a coat, but I pretty much haven't taken it off since I got it.

And now onto the footwear. Business at the front, party in the back, instant love. I bought a pair of Adidas Gazelles at the end of last year and it reignited a love affair with the brand. These are plain, yet plainly stylish, so I can easily pair them with a tailored trouser or midi skirt for work as well as wearing them on a weekend for stylish brownie points with almost no effort.

I ordered them from Zalando, another little gem of an online store. They tick all the boxes for me. Great customer service, quick delivery, good availability, and they partner with Quidco for cashback.

So, to round up, I frickin' love everything about this outfit, and Dan has photography superpowers.

If you'd like to work with him, you can contact him on twitter. Also, go and have a look at his website. I've got another post with some more of his work coming up (it's even better!). Seriously, get in touch, now!

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