#216 // BEDN Day 4: Marbella Memories

Right, so I'm playing catch up a bit. Thursday's topic was photography, and I wanted to use it as an excuse to share some of my photos from my holiday to Marbella in August. Given I've woken up and it's still a little foggy outside, it's the perfect day for some summer memories.

I crowned myself the group paparrazzi, and I went in. I carried different lenses, gave art direction, and easily took about a thousand photos in the space of a few days. But the place was bloody glorious. Looking through these has been a lovely trip down memory lane for me and has encouraged me to get out and catch the beauty of Autumn in London town.

Taking photos has been a surprising, yet welcomed part of blogging that I've grown to love almost as much as writing the words. So here we have a few Marbella moments.

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