#223 // 15 things that really do matter

So following on from my gif-tastic post, 10 things that just don't matter any more, I thought it important to look at the flip side, and the things that life has taught me that really do.

  1. A good night's sleep. The four-and-a-half hours a night girl of yesteryear is now a solid seven-hour a night woman if I can get it. Having children is going to be a MASSIVE shock to the system. Sidebar: NOT PREGNANT.
  2. Catch up tv/on demand/Netflix et al: because watching programmes when they're actually scheduled is one heck of a luxury these days. And what more glorious way to spend those rare Saturday's where you find yourself with no plans, than by binge-watching your series of choice en mass.
  3. Looking up and detaching from your phone every now and then. Yes, I blog and yes, I'm a social media whore, but I still know when to put the phone down and actually talk to people and enjoy moments without snapchat or instagram.
  4. A proper work/life balance. Sometimes, just getting it done is good enough. 
  5. Challenging yourself once in a while. I did the London to Brighton trek earlier this year. And while tremendously hard, it was gloriously character-building and supremely satisfying to test and stretch myself.
  6. Knowing who you are and loving yourself for the good things and in spite of the things you wish you could change.
  7. WiFi. I swear with WiFi alone, a person can rule the world.
  8. Savings. It's not everyday financial YOLO. Still working on that one though.
  9. Telling those you love that you love them. Don't expect them to guess. And on that note, in both actions and words. Both matter.
  10. Doing what makes you feel good.
  11. An extension of that one is finding an exercise that you don't loathe and doing it regularly. These days, it's more about how it makes me feel. The endorphins, giving your eyes a screen break for an hour, and helping your body out so it can reach more milestone ages in top form. 
  12. Spending time with the people that matter.
  13. Being a lifelong learner, a student of life if you will. Every day is a new lesson if you're willing to learn. 
  14. Knowing that life doesn't stop because you hit thirty, or become a parent or have maybe even reached the top of your current career ladder (or haven't yet started on the right path yet). 
  15. Brunch. Brunch matters people.

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