#211 // Most Worn: Grey Sleeveless Jacket and Coloured Trousers

Trousers, Zara Sleeveless Jacket, Missguided Tee, New Look (old) Metallic sneakers, Zara 

Trousers that fit short-legged, thick-thighed girl alert. I repeat: trousers that fit short-legged, thick-thighed girl, ALERT!

I frickin' love this outfit.

First thing's first, lets talk about the obvious. If there's not grey in an outfit in it really Autumn? Everyone knows that the colour grey and pumpkin spice lattes are synonymous with the season, so this sleeveless jacket completely hits the mark. I got this in a size 14. I could have sized down as it's quite generous, but I couldn't be bothered to return it, so oversized it is. I'm in a weird in-between stage with sizes at the moment, and I figure keeping this one will give a little more room for the chunkiest of winter jumpers to fit through the arm holes.

Disclaimer: Don't ask me who I was screw-facing in this photo, given I took these myself. Must have been eye-balling the tripod!

However, as much as I love grey, I still like to add a pop of colour in some way or another. And if berry tones are good enough for the lips, they're good enough to go over the hips. As a colour, something bold but dark makes me happy, as it makes for an interesting outfit, while not screaming "I have massive fucking thighs." Not that there's anything I can do about these bad boys. These burgundy trousers are meant to be 3/4 length, but on me, a good 6-7 inches shorter that usual clothing models, they look more like a 7/8 trouser and just touch the top of my ankle bone.

As the self-appointed queen of the slogan tee, this generally lets everyone in my office know exactly where I'm at mentally. Body is in the seat, but mind is at home with a glass of prosecco in hand. This outfit tends to be a good choice for dress down Friday, as the structure of the jacket and the tailored trousers balance out the casual tee and footwear.

Most elements of this outfit get worn multiple times each week, so good investment pieces! Also, now the clocks have gone back and it's pretty much dark all the time, can we take a moment to appreciate the sunshine that was when I took these photos *weeps*.

What are your most worn items this season?

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