Note #206 // The Playlist: A Productive Sunday

Today needs to be productive. I've a busy week ahead.

Originally, I'd highlighted these tracks as beats with just enough oomph to keep me going while I put together a truck load of Ikea furniture. Random aside: it's all well and good roaming around the mini show rooms, building the Scandi home of dreams in your mind, but you forget, seduced by clean lines and white LACK furniture, that you actually have to put the bloody stuff together once you get it home. Joy.

Said trip didn't happen, but other needs still must. Here's what will get me through.

We The Generation Rudimental feat. Mahalia
It's got the kind of tempo to keep you upbeat when you're close to losing your shit because screw A won't fit into hole B FFS [Insert expletives and the red angry emoji here]. I find comfort in any beat that makes me rock my shoulders in a nanosecond, and the cheery horn section just brings a smile to my face.

On My Mind Ellie Goulding
My musical bae is back. A hip-hop inspired beat dominates this track and is coupled with an electric guitar riff reminiscent of Sting's Message In a Bottle. While you wouldn't think the two should be paired, it totally works and makes for a feisty comeback track for her upcoming album. Ms Goulding, you have my full attention. I'm all ears.

Omen Disclosure feat. Sam Smith
As you can see, I'm trying to keep a certain amount of beats per minute today. This is a tune. Not really much more to say. 

Another Love Song Leona Lewis
I wanted to love this album and think of it as a massive eff you to Simon Cowell, after (what I imagine to have been) an acrimonious split. But I don't. I really don't. Great lyrics across the tracks. You can tell she's been through some shit and has eloquently and quite brutally poured it into this album. She sounds stronger, happier, peaceful. I'm gonna give it another listen, it might be a grower. However, this first song from the album is a yes. 100% yes.

They Know Luke Christopher
I don't feel like I'm quite cool or down with the kids enough to listen to this song, but screw it, how you gonna be too old to appreciate a beat? It's another rocker. I defy you to keep still.

I hope your find some tunes to jam to amongst this mix, and well lookey here, I've only gone and put it into a handy little, ready made playlist for you, with a few others for your perusal. Let me know what you think.

Happy (and productive) Sunday.

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