Note #207 // Five Things: This Week

Interior inspiration for work (and home) at 100% Design. 
Salmon, cheese and chocolate. I covered all the major food groups at the UK launch for French label Balsamik (balsam-ique like "chic", not vinegar!). I love this knitwear cape and this coat, because it's grey and who doesn't need another coat?
Fresh nails that you didn't have to do yourself. Win.
Filling up a room full of balloons ahead of an event at work for the London Design Festival. I love it when random things like this count as work. Lol. Working with a few others put on an event for 90 people, that everyone loved and went off without a hitch. A long, but great work day. 
My two new loves. These metallic sneakers from Zara and this super-wide, super-soft scarf, currently giving my neck all sorts of joy. The perfect way to layer when London wants to be sunny one minute, then chilly the next. 

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