Note #200 // Weekend Moments

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As weekends go, this one's been a good one in the main. 

After a shitty day, well, a shitty couple of days actually, I was treated to this gorgeous sunset on the way home and captured this gorgeous sunset. No filter required.

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Followed an excellent sleep on Friday night, I had some great brunch waffles (refining the recipe to bring to the blog soon) and in the afternoon headed to Claridges with mum for a champagne afternoon tea. About six months ago, I won a competition that Angie was running on her blog. It's taken this long to get diaries in order and book two months in advance so we could set down on a Saturday! I'm kind of glad that I waited as it has marked a great start to my birthday. Said day isn't until the 24th, but screw it, I'll be thirty - I'm celebrating all month. 

After a lovely leisurely tea (more on that in the week), we made the most of being on Oxford St and headed to Primark (talk about from one extreme to the other). I resisted clothes, just sticking with essentials (read: socks). And you know that other essential, candles. And copper candles at that. Very H&M looking eh? 

primark homeware, candles, copper

Today, I'm trying on clothes ready for Marbella on Thursday (and dancing around my room as though I'm already there). I bought my train tickets to the airport ten days ago. Excited much?

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