Note #194 // Watching: Travel Vlogs

I have itchy feet. 

I've wanted to travel for ages, never really having a plan, just knowing I wanted to do it at some point. Good one Sasha. Such vagueness is gonna get you so far in life. I've never really wanted to travel to the uber far reaches of the Earth, but I need to go somewhere. Just do something and get the wheels in motion. The two videos below are quite different, but equally exciting. 

I still don't know where I want to go, but if you immerse yourself in things that interest you, you're way more likely to bump into something that takes your fancy and find the thing that transforms inspiration into action. And like the sentiment of yesterday's Monday Moment, you can spend time waiting for your dreams, then wondering who to blame when time moves on and you still haven't done anything, or you can make it happen. My sights are firmly placed on the latter. 

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