Note #192 // London Finds: Time Run London

Hidden away in the recesses of London Fields in East London, is what looks like the most unassuming looking garage, albeit with an intriguing set of doors. But then said intriguing doors open to reveal a dapperly dressed and rather fetching fella and the beginning of the Time Run London experience - a 60-minute time quest.

Secret shopping exposure courtesy of The Prosecco Diaries 
Last week, I headed down to East London with a bunch of "blogging babez" (for a creative bunch, we lack muchly in the witty team name department) to take part in Time Run London - a live gaming adventure.  Our team was made up of Che (illustrator and yogi extraordinaire), Rebecca over at and Sarah, who heads up the rather fabulous The Prosecco Diaries and new creative start up, Bloggeration. Our challenge was to travel through time and complete a series of tasks and challenges to obtain a crucial artefact for explorer in need, Luna Fox. With the help of Babbage, one of her creations, you'll be able to add time-travelling to your CV of skills, pronto. 

The premise sounded great in theory - but I can confirm that it was absolutely ruddy fantastic in the flesh. For me, presentation is key. I demand it of my food, my stationery and my time travel. The stellar attention paid to the design and functionality of the rooms, and a seamless game play experience, meant it did exactly what it said on the tin - drew me in and got me involved. Seriously, I defy anyone to leave not feeling like an intrepid explorer. 

Me, looking suitably awkward, as per
There were times when I fully questioned my adulthood faculties. I am a fully grown woman with a degree and a challenging job, sat here incapable of doing a puzzle. Seriously. I always thought I'd ace the Crystal Maze, if I ever went on it. Yeah, not so much. 

The Time Run is engaging, frustrating, and laugh-a-minute - though you might not want to waste too many of the sixty on slightly helpless and confused laughing. So, if you ever had The Crystal Maze or the like on your bucket list, then this is one for you. The others have said they know where a lot of the answers are now, so wouldn't go again, but it seems like my sieve-like memory is finally coming into its own. Again, again! 

Time Run London is open until August (with a possible extension in the pipeline). This will be a great one for bored teens on school holidays, boyfriends who think they rule the world because they own a playstation, or a night out with a difference for the ladies. Book your tickets here.

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