Note #196 // How To Plan A Hen Do

This weekend, one of my ultimates gets married. 

A few weeks ago we scuttled off to Surrey for a bloody awesome hen do, if I do say so myself. And I do, because I know the struggle of arranging it! Laura made it easy for me, as she'd picked this place out about two years before her boyfriend even became her #winning

I thought I'd share a few snaps from it and some tips and tricks.
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  • Start early: I set about organising in October (we didn't go til June!) But this allows for a few things: we were able to split the payments up, which undoubtedly meant that a few more people could come than if we had had to put all the money down in one go *raises own hand*. 
  • Set up an email group: especially if you don't know all of the people attending. I left two girls off the last email with all the important deets on. Whoops! But it just makes your life easier, instead of having to trawl through endless emails hunting for names.
  • Make it personal. I got all the girls to send me over photos of them and Lau and had them made up into gift wrap using a company called I used this to wrap gift boxes that I left on everyone's bed when they arrived. We were having a DIY pamper evening on the Friday, so these contained face mask sachets, toe nail separators, £1 nail polishes from Superdrug, eye masks from Primark and I can't really remember what else. Minimal expenditure, massively good impression.
  • Pinterest is your friend (especially the private boards, if your friend is a pinning fiend like mine is). eBay is also your friend. There is a lot you can recreate for next to nothing (for example, I did a really cost-effective take on emergency hangover kits that you can find on Pinterest).
  • Delegate: You don't have to do everything. 
  • Create a hashtag: because OBVIOUSLY.
  • Create a faux shopping list: if you're going to house and are doing a food shop, this will help you make a sensible guesstimation of how much to charge everyone in the initial stages.
  • Not every moment needs to be micro-managed. Let it flow, let people actually chill and chat. It is their weekend after all. 
  • And most importantly, however much prosecco you think you need, DOUBLE IT.

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