Note #190 // 10 thoughts about my impending London to Brighton Trek

british heart foundation london brighton trek

As you read this, I'll be starting my London to Brighton trek for the British Heart Foundation, and this week has been interesting to say the least. From sheer panic to over-zealous excitement,  here are ten thoughts I've had about the impending trek.
  2. 30 before 30 bucket lists? I am putting the blame squarely on you for me being in this situation. 
  3. Let's panic buy all the stuff on Amazon. Walking poles, energy gels, hiking boots, an extra torch. We won't be camping anywhere, but maybe I'll pack a tent just in case (note to self: close browser).
  4. No one's sponsored me. Shite. 
  5. Crap, now I've surpassed my bloody target. Now I have to do it. The. Pressure.
  6. I need energy you say? An excuse to buy all the Boosts and all the chocolate. They say apples and bananas, but surely they mean chocolate. 
  7. I wonder what we'll eat when we get to Brighton #ForeverPlanningMyNextMeal
  8. I see tea breaks in the plan, but I don't see any specific pitstops for updating social media. Who do I speak to about this?
  9. I should have done more walking to prepare for this. Oops.
  10. Actually, it's not even about you. Let's do this. 
I'll be tweeting, instagramming and snapchatting away (find me @thelifewardrobe, as I can't change my bloody username!). Follow my epic journey!

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