Note #184 // Workwear: The Ghillie Flats

My latest wardrobe issue? Finding items that make me feel grown.

You see, I've allowed this thing to get in my head that I don't look my age and therefore no one takes me seriously. I'm short and while not being immature, have a very young spirit. I want to feel as though I cast an image of strength, capability and authority in the workplace. I know that a lot of that actually comes from the work I produce, but it's to do with the way that I feel like I'm approached on a daily basis, and more to do with the image and impression that I feel I'm projecting outwards.

So first up, shoes. I have to do a fair bit of running around each day, so I need them to be practical, but smart. So I gave in to the ghillie flat. The shoe of the season. I wasn't that keen at first, but after the laughable consideration that I'd be able to last half a day in these, I came across Topshop's take on the ghillie on The Frugality's blog. Seriously, I feel like I should just hand that lady my wages at the end of my month, her edits are just so on point.  

I love these because they're snakeskin print, and immediately provide a point of difference. Even if I were to wear all black with these, it would look like I had consciously decided to put together a sharp, stylish look. And there is nothing I like more when it comes to style than minimal effort, maximum impact. Secondly, they're leather, and one thing that completely rings true as you get older is that you really start buying based on value and quality. "How long will they last?" "Will it wash well?" "You want me to pay how much for 100% acrylic? Don't think so!" I sound like my nan. 

The only annoying thing is that when you tie them up, the bow sort of moves round your feet as you move throughout the day. The anal perfectionist in me isn't really dealing with this that well! But they are comfy and easy and a clear style win. These babies are from Topshop, but aren't available online anymore, but there are other similar styles on their website here

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