Note #185 // The Self-Care Kit: Are you getting enough sleep?

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The #healthyselves twitter chat last week was about self care and it's something I've been largely concerned about recently, and I realised just how much given my animated tweeting during the chat. I even surprised myself with the wisdom in one of my own tweets (not that I make a habit of writing drivel):

"You've got to look after yourself to be your best self."

I watched the video below about the scientific effects of the lack of sleep on You Tube the other day. Usually, I can't wait to skip past an advert after the designated five seconds, but it really drew me in. I actually forgot I was watching an ad and got a lot of value out the discussion about sleep.

I'm usually, a 5-6 hours of sleep a night woman. I consider it a victory if I'm in bed by midnight. I get home around 7pm and by the time I get even half of my to-do list done, it's often way past 9pm. I usually feel quite put out at how work and the travel time home robs a lot of the time to do what I want and so sit up until the wee hours indignantly trying to get said things done.

I then wake up groggy, with a heavy belly full of some sort of carb or sugary situation (thanks midnight snacks) and still have to to go work and be on it. Well done stubborn nature. What exactly did you achieve by denying yourself sleep? And in truth, a lot of other issues can come off of the back of not having a good night's rest: a foggy mind with negative thoughts, being irritable, eating all of the sugar and all of the coffee to try and balance it out, and oh...hello spots, oddly textured skin, under-eye bags and having to purchase concealer a lot more frequently than necessary.

So I'm going to try and start my wind down routine an hour earlier as my main problem is that I underestimate how long I take to get ready for bed and often start too late when I'm already yawning. By the time I get in bed, my body has gone past that perfect ready for slumber moment, and what do you know, I'm awake for at least another hour.

Watch the video. It's quite eye-opening. I'm sure you'll all be running to bed afterwards. Who cares if it's not even 8pm yet.

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