Note #183 // Read. Tweet. Quote. Repeat.

Lately, I seriously haven't been able to keep up with this blogging lark...

I've always respected Gem. I trust her opinions and admire her honesty. She always blogs from the heart, her authenticity shining through in every post she publishes. And her latest post doesn't detract from that as she writes about saying bollocks to keeping up and fitting in in the world of blogging. I do struggle sometimes when I sit back and think about what blogging is becoming, but still have faith in its original convivial nature, and it's mainly because of women like her who shoot from the hip and tell it like it is.

"Only apologise if you mean it."

I loved reading this post by Lorna over at Scared Toast. Short, sharp and sassy. Truly words to live by.

I've found myself becoming a bit fatigued by all of the blogger advice in the digital ether. It's a known hot topic and sometimes it feels like you see a really engaging headline that draws you in (kudos blogger), and you're sat there thinking, "right - this is it. This is where I get all the knowledge, I am ready." But more often than not, I'm left feeling quite disappointed. It's either regurgitated stuff that I already know, or, quite clearly only been generated to garner page views. And that's pretty disheartening for someone that craves, and even demands authenticity from the blogs I consume. But I have found a post, a newsletter and a podcast that I do think are wholeheartedly worth your time.

Firstly, Hannah's post on tips she learnt at a breakfast talk from Chloe Watts at Chloe Digital. 

There are actually two mentions for Jen at JennyPurr this week, because this young lady is putting in the work and coming up with some absolutely superb and oh-so valuable content. In the week, I listened to the latest episode of her podcast, "Make It Happen" - a resource for bloggers and creatives, and I found it so thought-provoking and inspiring. You can listen to it here, or subscribe through iTunes.

"We root for people and to see them have a win is something that never fails to put a huge smile on our face. Yet we hide away from our own successes due to most likely a mix of a little self-deprication and fear of how we may be perceived."

Also, her weekly newsletters have been meeting my inbox with great aplomb, one of the latest reminding me of my small successes posts. As a collective, we do need to learn to big ourselves up more. You can subscribe to Jen's newsletter here.

And finally, Snapchat. A weird entry maybe, but I downloaded it a few weeks ago and it's pretty much love. I adore the in-the-moment feel and authenticity of it. And when I say authenticity, I mean the "this is me, without having spent 25 minutes editing myself on VSCOcam" and to paraphrase Beyonce, "this is what I really woke up like."
                           It's like Instagram's ratchet sister.

In a nutshell, Snapchat is like the ratchet sister of the ever refined Instagram. A place for all those moments that don't meet Insta-standards, epic fails, thoughts and just life as it happens. It's a snapshot of a moment, which funnily enough, is what Instagram was before flat lays and pinterest-like perfection changed the game. So for my snapshots, follow me on snapchat. I go by thelifewardrobe. And tweet me any links you've been enjoying lately. 

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