Note #178 // Read. Tweet. Quote. Repeat.

So I failed. 

I said that I'd regularly share the interesting and thought-provoking content I voraciously consume. I have been ear-marking pieces, I just haven't managed to get them out in a timely manner. That doesn't mean I haven't been showing my appreciation though. I have been tweeting in response to pieces I've loved as a replacement for leaving comments when I'm not at a laptop. It's more immediate and convenient, and I find can brighten up that person's day just as much as a comment.

So here is a renewed effort. I'm already reading, but I want to get better at sharing. I'm hoping to feature this at least once every few weeks, leading with a quote from each piece to whet your appetite, get you clicking through, and keeping the conversation going!

" order to achieve we have to be committed to the PROCESS, not the outcome."

I met Che last year, just as she was thinking about embarking on a new journey to train as a yoga teacher. She's now newly qualified, and I can't wait to attend her first yoga event in a few weeks. I loved how in this post she's learnt a life lesson from handstand practise! Read it here.

"I couldn’t bear the thought of people seeing me naked, without me controlling the perception..."

I loved Emma's piece about blogging, perception and normality. I've always thought that blogging in its current form strikes a very weird balance. We want reality, but reality that's trussed up in pretty Pinterest images. To put across an aesthetically pleasing edit of life, when that's not always the case. Have a read here.

"Do you think having non-fleek eyebrows will affect my future? Be honest, we all know it will, so that's why I'm seeking the best help I can afford."

Joelle is suffering. She's been hit with an affliction. Her eye brows are not "on fleek." This piece is pure comedy gold. I've watched how her blog has evolved over the past few months, and I think she's really hit her stride with what she wants to say and how she wants to say it. Which is basically, stuff any supposed rules, I'm me and I'm flippin' awesome. Read the rest here.

And lastly, a video. Even though it's an advert, I loved this video by Compeed, featuring Ruth Crilly and Sarah Curran MBE. It's sort of a walk in my shoes (very clever Compeed), quick hit guide to how Sarah set up her business. If you don't know, Sarah set up luxury e-tailer Now, I always assume that most people who set up shop have that entrepreneurial spirit naturally within them and are young go-getters and whipper snappers. Sarah set up her business at the age of 30, after just having a baby. Serious food for thought, that.

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