Note # 186 // Fitness: 10 Reasons I've fallen in love with 1 Rebel

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I am a marketer's dream. 

You show me the latest book, give one-too many bloggers the same PR sample, or let me see a certain superfood trending on Twitter, and I want in. All of a sudden, I need it. Hands up, I confess, I'm a sheep. 

So when I first started hearing the buzz around super-gym, 1 Rebel, it was only a matter of time before I found myself there. In truth, I was a bit wary. I love the idea of all of these super swish new fitness "boutiques", but would I actually be cool enough, lithe enough to cross the threshold in my Sports Direct workout gear? I rocked up to my first spin class on my lonesome, because my friend accidentally booked the class thinking it was on a different day! Any feelings of awkwardness were left at the reception desk after my very warm welcome. In 12 days, I visited 4 times and have my classes booked in the diary for the month ahead. Lemme tell you why they are OWNING fitness right now. 
  1. You don't need to carry an additional rucksack full of stuff to go. On arrival, you're given a complimentary bottle of water and a massive fluffy shower towel. You cycle using cleats that lock into the pedals which are much more secure. So no need to pack with military precision the night before, which let's face it, doesn't exactly foster positive feelings about the impending workout. They've just made life easy for you to just get there and get it done.
  2. The bathrooms. THE BATHROOMS! Hair straighteners. Check, Blowdryers. Of course. Cotton wool pads, make up cleanser and toner, shower gel and shampoo, deodorant and Elnett hair spray? Wait, what? You're pretty much home from home babes. 
  3. Feeling like you're in a rave. Every. Damn. Time. Hip-hop themed rides, live music, funky light shows. The music is so bloody innovative and will keep you powering through. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've done a spin class to Beyonce versus Jay Z, back to back. Or Nicky Minaj, or whatever other ridonculous level of tune they want to blast out of the speakers. I can't lie, sometimes, my bottom half is working out, while my top half is in the depths of a club in the middle of the dance floor.
  4. The interiors. All the flippin' copper accents a Pinterest-addict could dream of.
  5. Heated seats in the changing rooms. Just because, why not? Your butt deserves it after that workout.
  6. Smeg fridges that contain the elixir of life. Infused, chilled face towels. Did you even know that was a thing? Well it is. And what a fabulous thing it is. You can grab one after the class, but I take mine in for a freshness hit mid-class.
  7. Reshape classes. HIIT on a level that doesn't even have a name yet. I have done one. And two days later, I was still walking like a deer on ice. 
  8. The perfect post-workout socials. Detox Retox? Pass me ze alcohol. A pedicure post-pedal. Uh huh. Yes please. 
  9. No room for posers. No matter size, shape, colour or creed, everyone is there to WERK. 
  10. A wall full of inspiration and motivation. Individual goals, but we're all in it together. Pick a brick and commit.

Your first class is £10, after that it's £20 a pop, but you can buy passes with a reduced cost per class and split the cost and the pack with friends. Ok. It's expensive, I can't deny it, but think of all the times you've signed up to a gym, and just let the direct debit roll over month after month, practically just giving away money? Before you know it, you've spent anything from £150 to £200 in three months and been three times in as many months. I also saw a quote the other day, that really made me think about how I view money. £70 for a gym membership? Hell no! But that monthly £70 spent in Zara or on Order is processing without a second thought.

So if you live in, or are planning a visit to London give it a go. I've already owned my weight-lifting boyfriend in a RIDE class and jostled many a friend into going (Dear 1Rebel, please feel free to give me shares). One told me she hated me 15 minutes you Liss! But if you're looking for a challenge, a friendly atmosphere and a feel good vibe that's out of this world, 1Rebel might be just the thing you've been looking for.

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