Note #181 // 50.

This is a bit of a milestone year from my family. It's my parents' 25th wedding anniversary later this year, my 30th birthday in August, and last week marked my mum's 50th birthday. They've just come back from a week in Marrakech that my dad and I really wanted to be a surprise, but we had to let her in on it two months in advance, when she threatened to cancel her annual leave because to her mind, whe wasn't doing anything and it would have been wasted. Before I waved her off to enjoy that 33 degree heat (nope, not jealous at all), we had a small family get together to celebrate her in all her awesomeness. 

I've got a few snaps I wanted to share. I should add that myself and my god-daughter want to share, as she got her little 4-year-old fingers on my camera and kind didn't let me have it back! She got pretty into it, so I thought just leave her to it, I could be encouraging a future hobby or career, who knows! *Sings* I believe the children are our future... anyway, happy birthday mum!

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