Note #180 // 3 Things To Be Bothered About In May

Firstly, a recap. 

How did it go with April's Be Bothered hit list? Quite well actually. I hit my savings target. In the months leading up to my move with Ben, this will be a kind of 'goes without saying' goal that will be in the background til summer. I got most of my bits on eBay, so yay - money! I managed to kill two birds with one stone, on the cutting down of sugary treats and new recipe, by making this crumble. I love it, and made it three or four times last month. 

The only one I kind of failed on was walking 50 miles. My app officially tells me that I walked 20 miles, but I kept forgetting to record it. However, I did go to three spin classes and the gym once, so I feel like my fitness is being upped and those spin classes must have added a bit to the clock! Anyway, four out of five ain't bad. Onto May.

Use more cash. 
I never have cash on me. Never. So I've gotten into the habit of charging stupidly small amounts on my card, for things like a cucumber and some hummus. And those little transactions can really add up and don't really have a home when it comes to accounting for spends. Spending cash hurts, because it gets to Wednesday and your purse is really light, and you ask the question, "hang on, where did all my money go?" a lot more often. Being conscious with the spendage and physically handing money over will make me more accountable and aware. 

Try another new recipe.
I've fallen in love with Nakd bars. Again, they are helping me ease up off the chocolate. I've bought some dates and cashews and a few other ingredients to experiment with. 

To be fair, I'm always bothered about this, but I feel like life has gotten in the way a lot lately and robbed me of a lotta time. So I'm going to try and be a bit more organised, because I do love it. I've got some good ideas in this lil brain of mine, so here's to them making up here this month!

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